Johannes Kriek

About Books

First Battle: Inside the Mainstream Media’s War on Trump’s Presidency” is an illuminating exposé that uncovers the hidden agenda behind the mainstream media’s relentless assault on former President Donald Trump. Drawing from an extensive collection of over one hundred articles, Kriek delves into the deep-seated animosity towards Trump within the media landscape and reveals the motives behind their biased reporting.

The book goes beyond mere analysis by exploring the tactics of fake news and framing, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of how these techniques were employed to shape public opinion and manipulate political discourse. With a specific focus on the final days of Trump’s presidency, including the hotly contested 2020 elections, the events of January 6th, and the subsequent inauguration of President Joe Biden, Kriek presents a detailed examination of the media’s deliberate misrepresentation and distortion of facts.

By dissecting these articles and shedding light on the media’s agenda-driven narratives, Kriek empowers readers to evaluate news reporting critically, question mainstream media credibility, and develop a discerning perspective. “First Battle” serves as a call to action, urging readers to challenge the mainstream media’s monopoly on information and embrace a more thoughtful and independent approach to consuming news. Through this book, Johannes Kriek encourages individuals to pursue truth actively, ultimately shaping a more informed and responsible society.

Unraveling The Truth: A Journey through News, Media, and Journalism” is in a world filled with information a guiding beacon for young minds seeking to understand the dynamic realms of news, media, and journalism. This booklet, born out of gratitude for citizenship, is a gift to the next generation of journalists, reporters, editors, and producers.

Within its pages, readers embark on a transformative journey. They learn to navigate the complexities of the media landscape, cultivate critical thinking, and harness the power of storytelling to uncover the truth. It’s a roadmap for decoding fact from fiction, mastering the digital era, and embracing the responsibilities of journalism.

“Unraveling The Truth” is more than a book; it’s an invitation to explore, discover, and shape the future of journalism. It empowers young voices to stand firm in pursuing truth, justice, and a well-informed society. Join us on this illuminating voyage—a journey that equips the new generation of journalists of tomorrow with the skills and knowledge how to explain the real news fair, balanced, and unafraid to the American people.