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Johannes Kriek

Johannes Kriek knew from a young age that his passion lay in becoming a radio journalist. At just fifteen years old, he had the opportunity to pursue his dreams through an educational program with the national broadcaster AVRO’s youth group. After completing his schooling and military service, Kriek further honed his skills by studying journalism at the People’s University for self-study in Arnhem, focusing on radio journalism.

In 1970, Kriek embarked on his professional career as a freelance journalist for the local newspaper De Nieuwe Krant and the regional radio station RONO. Shortly after that, he joined the esteemed national broadcaster AVRO, where he contributed to various programs, including the news section of AVRO’s radio news and the sports program Panorama. During this time, Kriek produced documentaries, conducted interviews, and hosted his own programs.

In 1975, Kriek was offered an opportunity to work with the national broadcaster TROS. He began as a general reporter and editor, and by 1980, he had been appointed as a political reporter for socio-economic affairs and a radio and television presenter.

In 1995, Kriek embarked on a new venture and established his company, Brain Box Media Training B.V., in the prestigious Media Park in Media City, Hilversum. He provided guidance, coaching, and training to political leaders, industry executives, social organization chairpersons, and spokespersons from various organizations throughout his company. Kriek specialized in training spokespersons for television appearances, press conferences, and crisis communication, ultimately working with over eight thousand influential individuals.

Kriek’s company flourished and grew into one of the largest in the world, boasting three television studios and forty-five top trainers. In 2004, TWBA/NL, a division of the American communications company Omnicom listed on the New York Stock Exchange, acquired his company.

From 2005 to today, Kriek has contributed his expertise to various news organizations, including BNR News radio, The Post Online, Binnenhof TV, and the European Business Review. He conducts television interviews in The Hague and Brussels and writes columns and articles. In March 2014, Kriek published his Dutch political book, ‘De Patatbalie.’

In August 2020 Kriek published his first American book, ‘Trump’s Daily Domination of the News Media’.

In December 2020, Kriek started hos program ‘Kriek’s Focus on America’ for K-News Media. As an independent and now American political journalist, analyst and commentator, he has been inspired to write a book delving into how the mainstream media has reported on Donald Trump as both a person and a president while examining the role of political parties and their leaders in perpetuating animosity towards Trump and his family. Kriek aims to share his observations, opinions, and thoughts with the public through his work. The second American book is titled ‘First Battle – Inside the Mainstream Media’s War on Trump’s Presidency’.

Currently, Kriek is engaged in two new projects. The first involves writing a booklet ‘Unraveling the Truth – A Journey through News, Media, and Journalism’ for youngsters about news, media, and journalism to educate and empower the next generation.

The next project focuses on his third American book, which thoroughly examines and evaluates news channels such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, and more, providing readers with valuable insights and perspectives.