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A distinguished video host, making analyses and commentaries for his program Kriek’s Focus on America and known for his insightful commentary on global political affairs and expertise in media and politics.

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First Battle: Inside the Mainstream Media’s War on Trump’s Presidency” is an illuminating exposé that uncovers the hidden agenda behind the mainstream media’s relentless assault on former President Donald Trump. Drawing from an extensive collection of over one hundred articles, Kriek delves into the deep-seated animosity towards Trump within the media landscape and reveals the motives behind their biased reporting.

The book goes beyond mere analysis by exploring the tactics of fake news and framing, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of how these techniques were employed to shape public opinion and manipulate political discourse. With a specific focus on the final days of Trump’s presidency, including the hotly contested 2020 elections, the events of January 6th, and the subsequent inauguration of President Joe Biden, Kriek presents a detailed examination of the media’s deliberate misrepresentation and distortion of facts.

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Johannes Kriek

Johannes Kriek knew from a young age that his passion lay in becoming a radio journalist. At just fifteen years old, he had the opportunity to pursue his dreams through an educational program with the national broadcaster AVRO’s youth group. After completing his schooling and military service, Kriek further honed his skills by studying journalism at the People’s University for self-study in Arnhem, focusing on radio journalism.

In 1970, Kriek embarked on his professional career as a freelance journalist for the local newspaper De Nieuwe Krant and the regional radio station RONO. Shortly after that, he joined the esteemed national broadcaster AVRO, where he contributed to various programs, including the news section of AVRO’s radio news and the sports program Panorama. During this time, Kriek produced documentaries, conducted interviews, and hosted his own programs.

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